About the Hobby

What is This Ham Radio Thing All About?

In this age of instant global internet access, you might be wondering if ham radio is even relevant. Amateur radio is a thousand different hobbies rolled into one. There is something for everyone.

These days, once you have your basic Technician’s license, you can get on the air relatively quickly as there is no Morse code requirement, and hand-held transceivers (HT’s or “handy talkies”) can be had for under $30.

hf-rigWhen you are ready to make some serious international contacts and/or try contesting, you can test for your upgrade to a General license and increased operating privileges. Folks who are “makers” can get into building and/or maintaining radios, antennas and towers. You can make contacts via various digital modes pairing your rig with your home computer, and of course, Morse code, or “CW”, is still practiced today. There are many ways to get involved, and a great community of amateur operators is ready to help you succeed. Want to learn more? Join us at one of our regular monthly meetings. Introduce yourself, and let us introduce you to the hobby.

What’s Next?

Below are just a few of the resources available to help you study for and complete your testing in several areas of Amateur Radio.

Ham Radio Training and Guides

note all links below are not associated with LVSRA and you will be leaving our site when visiting them.

HamStudy.org –  Practice Testing for the Amateur License (Tech, General, Extra)

Ham College – Amateur Logic’s Ham College series covers the questions on the test (Tech, General, Extra)

KB6NU Study Guides – No-Nonsense Ham Radio Study Guides

EmComm Training

Kentucky ARES Emergency Communications Training – EmComm Training
NIMS Courses – (Required 100 and 700, Recommended 200 and 800)

ICS Forms

ICS Forms from FEMA
ICS Forms The National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Additional Tools

HF Propagation Prediction

Other links about Radio, RF, etc… (not all are ham related but they are radio related)

Broadcasting and it’s history