LVSRA Training

LVSRA Training

Fall 2018

Anyone having interest in attending any of the following classes please contact Frank K1HLZ (see for email address).

Go-Kit Build Session
Ken Bechtel – KB3WIB
26 Sept. 19:00
Friendship Firehouse

Understand how to optimize the components of a portable field radio station. The kit is not just a radio and power source, but all supporting components to sustain a deployment as an Emergency Communicator.

D-Star/DMR 101
Titus Carnathan – AB3WX
24 Oct. 18:30
Friendship Firehouse

A crash course to get setup to use Dstar, DMR and setup a hotspot, and how to operate it on a Hotspot.

Future Classes

The following is a list of classes that have been requested. Anyone having interest in attending or teaching these or any other class should contact Frank (K1HLZ) via email. Email address can be found on QRZ..

  • Antenna theory
  • Antenna Tuning
  • Contesting
  • Echolink
  • Elmer/ Mentor
  • Extra license advantages that makes it worth having
  • How to contact people more than 30 miles away
  • Introduction to DMR
  • Net Management and Procedures
  • Programming Radios
  • Radio Etiquette
  • Types/diameter/length of cable & antenna equip. for a home-brew dipole


Anyone interested in any session must register with Frank (K1HLZ) via email. Email address can be found on QRZ.